Is It Illegal To Use Diesel To Kill Weeds? (United States)  

Is it illegal to use diesel fuel to kill weeds in the United States? Yes!

This article will explore the reasons using diesel fuel is illegal, as well as legal consequences, and safe and legal alternatives to using diesel fuel as a weed killer.

Is It Illegal To Use Diesel To Kill Weeds?


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Many people use diesel fuel to kill weeds in the United States.

It’s easy and effective.

However, it’s against the law.

The practice is banned in all fifty states in the United States.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has outlined this in their agricultural codes.

The consequences of using diesel for killing weeds can be severe depending upon how much diesel is used and for how long.

What Is Diesel Fuel?

Diesel fuel is a highly combustible (has the ability to explode and start fires) liquid made at petroleum plants.

It contains crude oil, sulfur, petroleum, and other toxic particles.

Diesel fuel is used mostly in diesel powered vehicles.

Legal Consequences of Using Diesel to Kill Weeds

Using diesel fuel to kill weeds qualifies as illegal dumping of toxic chemicals and pollution.

Those who are caught using diesel fuel to control weed could face civil or criminal charges, depending on which agency gets involved.

On the civil side, government agencies could fine an individual or business, or even force the closure of the business.

The government could also require that the company for the clean up.

On the criminal side, there could also be probation/jail/community service, fines, attorney fees, and restitution.

However, to end up with jail time, the use of the fuel and the damage that resulted would probably need to be pretty severe, and done with the intent to do the damage.

The United States is not alone in banning the practice of using diesel to kill weeds. The United Kingdom has strict laws against it, as do most other countries.

Reasons Diesel Fuel Is Illegal To Kill Weeds

Diesel fuel is not only dangerous to the environment, but if improperly used, it can be extremely damaging to humans.

A few reasons why it is illegal to use diesel as a weed killer in the United States are:

• pollutes waterways and water treatment facilities.

• cannot be processed with normal water treatment.

• toxic to wildlife

• if ingested by animals, it can kill them.

• toxic to plant life

• it will kill off plants that wildlife depends on to survive. It can also damage and poison crops that farmers rely on to make their living.

• highly flammable and can spark wildfires.

• pollutes soil

• penetrates soil and kills worms and other helpful insects.

• vapors from the diesel can cause respiratory problems, dizziness, skin, and eye irritation.

• though it kills weeds that are there, it doesn’t keep new ones from popping up. It does not kill the seeds, so new weeds will just pop up.

• it can mist and get on your clothes and you could potentially set yourself on fire.

• most folks are not fans of their neighbors using any type of fuel or flammable materials. Using diesel fuel is sure to make you unpopular with your neighbors!

• diesel fuel has been the cause of many wildfires across the country. While not all can be directly traced to weed killing, it’s often the culprit in forested and dry wooded areas where vehicles that use diesel drive.

Alternatives To Using Diesel Fuel To Kill Weeds

There are many much safer and legal ways to kill weeds. They are also environmentally friendly. They include:

• hand weeding

– though tedious, it’s the most natural way to rid yourself of pesky weeds. It’s great exercise too!

• boiling water

– boil a few large pots of water and toss them on weeded areas. Just be sure to avoid flowers and plants.

• vinegar and salt

– spraying a mixture of these two ingredients is a natural and perfectly legal way to rid yourself of weeds

• scatter soap

– leftover soap pieces or even fresh bars. You can break them up, peel them, etc. it helps choke out the weeds.

• newspaper

– Using newspaper under mulch is a great way to control weeds. It also helps keep the soil moist.

• propane weed torch

– Quick and simple way to get rid of weeds. Use care and follow directions when using. Store propane properly.

• organic weed killer

– natural ingredients that won’t harm humans or pets.

• commercial weed killer

– Very effective at killing weeds. Use care and follow directions. It can be toxic to humans and pets.

Knowing that diesel fuel is illegal to use as a weed killer in the United States should be enough not to use it as such.

The hefty legal consequences alone should make you want to seek alternative methods for weed killing.

It’s worth a trip to the local lawn care store or online retail store to avoid ending up paying fines or ending up in jail. You also don’t want to harm the environment, wildlife, water sources, or yourself!

Wrap Up

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Is It Illegal To Use Diesel To Kill Weeds