Can Police Officers Have OnlyFans?  (Yes, But…)

There is nothing illegal about having an OnlyFans account, so it should potentially be possible for police officers to have an account, provided that the content they share on the platform does not conflict or in any way demean their position on the police department.

However, it would be prudent for police officers to think carefully about whether the account could still be harmful to their careers.

Several notable cases have occurred where police officers were asked to leave the department following the discovery of their OnlyFans accounts; those cases involved showing some highly salacious photos of the officers in question.

This article will discuss exactly what OnlyFans is, who can start an account or subscribe to one, and what type of content you can expect to see on the platform.

Can Police Officers Have OnlyFans? (Explained)


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What Exactly is OnlyFans?

If you haven’t heard of OnlyFans yet, think of it as the fastest-growing platform for making money off content that you post.

The way it makes money is that any number of subscribers will sign on to view and use your posted content for a monthly fee, which would be set by the content creator.

The platform has only been around since 2016, and was founded by Erika Heidwald and Tim Stokeley in London, England.

By the end of 2020, the platform had more than one million content creators signed up, and upwards of 50 million subscribers.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the numbers of both creators and subscribers literally doubled, as people spent more time at home.

OnlyFans apparently fulfilled a need that was created by people having all that extra home time.

How Does OnlyFans work?

If an individual wishes to start sharing content with fans, they’ll have to open an account as a creator on OnlyFans.

When doing so, they’ll need to provide some banking details, so they can eventually get paid by subscribers.

Then they can begin creating content, and hopefully, watch the revenue start to come in from interested fans.

They will need to set a subscription price for anyone interested in viewing or reading the content, and in some cases, creators will also setup a chat service, so fans can interact directly with them.

It’s advisable for users to have a username that does not reflect on their personal life, just to provide a layer of privacy for their personal life.

If an individual doesn’t intend to create any content, but only wish to view or read the content posted by creators, they can create an account as a fan, and then choose which creators to subscribe to.

Who Can Start an OnlyFans account?

There are two types of accounts possible on OnlyFans, one for creators and one for subscribers.

As a creator, you’ll have all kinds of possibilities for earning money by monetizing your content, either on a per-post basis or by charging a monthly subscription fee.

This will allow you to have your music video seen and appreciated, and it can establish a direct connection with your fans.

It could be a great way for an aspiring artist to get started in the entertainment world.

If you intend to be a subscriber who offers no content to fans, you can open a subscriber account and browse around until you find the kind of content you’re looking for.

Either way, anyone at all can open an account on the platform, and as long as you abide by its rules and regulations, you can continue to enjoy the content posted by creators, or you can continue to make money from the content you’ve posted.

Even Though Police Officers Can, They Might Not Want To

Why might police officers be held to a different standard?

In order for police officers to be effective in their communities, they must have the respect of the citizenry and must ensure that they don’t overstep the law themselves in any way, even if it’s a borderline issue.

In one famous case, a young police officer quit her job because she realized it was a totally male-dominated environment, and her chances of advancement were almost nil.

After starting an OnlyFans account, she became an adult model and quickly became a millionaire.

In another case, an officer was paid $30,000 in severance pay to leave the police force after it was discovered she shared alluring photos of herself on her OnlyFans account.

The department apparently believed the individual had compromised her own authority as an officer, and that it had reflected badly on the general police force as well.

The truth is, anyone in a position demanding respect from a constituency would be subject to the same level of scrutiny.

To avoid job complications, an individual should think carefully about the content they post that the public can view.

Thinking Of Starting An Account?

If an police officer individual is thinking about starting an account, it might make sense for the police officer to check his employment documents before getting started.

Look at the employment agreement, signed contract, and any rules or regulations governing the officer’s employment.

While it might not be illegal to have the account, there may be an established policy that allows the department to take action against the officer if the account is discovered.

The officer could also discretely ask question of leadership about such accounts, to get an idea of what kind of content could be acceptable.

Finally, if starting a creator account is what the individual wants to do, making sure that the account cannot be connected back to the individual or the individual’s status as a police officer would be prudent.


The OnlyFans platform has the reputation of being a social media operation that is filled with suggestive images and videos, and sometimes even graphic images.

While this element doubtless exists on the platform, it’s also true that there are many other types of content that can be viewed and enjoyed there.

Viewers might be interested in finding a special new meatloaf recipe, and they’ll definitely find it there.

Or, viewers might want to find instructions on how to begin skiing in the wintertime, and they’ll find that too.

The bottom line is, that there’s a great diversity of content on OnlyFans, and they’ll probably be able to find information on almost anything viewers need.

There is really a ton of fascinating content to be seen on the platform, so viewers should definitely take some time to see what it’s all about.

Even police officers can be subscribers, but when it comes to sharing content with subscribers, that content must not undermine the authority of the police department.

Wrap Up

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Can Police Officers Have OnlyFans