Are Fuzzy Dice Illegal In California?

In order to stay away from any trouble and unwanted penalties, it’s vital to know exactly what you’re allowed to decorate your car with and what fluffy objects you need to stay away from.

Are Fuzzy Dice Illegal in California? (Explained)


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Fuzzy dice are a fun way to spruce up any style and decorations — as we’ve often seen in movies and lifestyle magazines.

What you may not know, however, is that it isn’t all fun and games.

State laws vary significantly as you drive across America, especially when it comes to any driving rules and regulations.

While you might have heard somewhere else about objects hanging from your rearview mirror, you probably have never realized the legalities and set-in-stone regulations as they vary from state to state.

This might seem like a weird question to be asking yourself, but the short answer is yes — fuzzy dice are illegal to hang on the rearview mirror of your car in California.

This is confusing, because many people often have air fresheners and trinkets hanging from their mirror, but it is, in fact, against the law.

This is because any decoration hung on your rearview mirror can possibly obstruct your vision of the road.

While some people may get away from it, you might want to stay away from testing the waters.

Having fuzzy dice (or any hanging decoration) on your rearview mirror can lead to some trouble if a police stops you, but not the kind that will leave you in handcuffs.

What Are the Legal Repercussions for Having Fuzzy Dice?

No, you won’t get rolled away to jail if you have fuzzy dice on your mirror.

Remain calm in regards to any potential jail time.

Police can, however, cite you for placing a decoration on your rearview that obstructs the view of the road.

These can result in some small fines or large ones, depending on how much it covers up your view of the roads.

Fines can be as little as $25 or as heavy as $200.

When all else fails, simply take down the decoration before the police get to you.

This could get rid of any unwanted situations or money problems you might have after receiving a fine.

What happens if you receive one of these penalties?

You better pay up! California laws can keep on adding extra fines and penalties for a non-payment of citations and fines.

This can also result in a increase in your car insurance as well.

This is because car insurances view tickets and fines as unlawful and unsafe driving, resulting in a higher price to pay.

Can You Have Fuzzy Dice Anywhere in the Car?

Fuzzy dice could be on your seat or in the back seat or somehow attached to your passenger dashboard.

You just can’t place any decorations that could possibly prevent you from seeing outside of the car.

This means, don’t hang them by the windows, don’t hang them on any mirrors, and definitely don’t put it on the dashboard.

Any of these spots will result in a police car pulling you over for obstruction of view.

If you really want to decorate with some fuzzy dice, maybe try a bumper sticker with a picture of some.

When all else fails, you can never go wrong with decorating your home with some fuzzy dice here and there as it won’t get in the way of your driving view.

What Other Items Are Illegal to Have on Rearview Mirror?

If fuzzy dice aren’t allowed, you might be asking yourself if anything else is allowed on the rearview mirror.

The short answer is no.

Anything can really take away or cover up the road view, so it’s best to leave the decorations and trinkets out of your car.

This means car fresheners, any religious trinkets like beads, and jewelry and necklaces.

Any of these could clearly cover up your windshield or view point while driving and can result in citations.

If you are still confused, it doesn’t hurt to ask a local police officer or department about the laws and rules of the road.

This way, you will have a clear answer about what is allowed and you’ll steer clear of any unwanted police confrontations or fines.

Besides California, Minnesota, Illinois, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Texas are also other states where hanging things from your rearview mirror is illegal.

Remember to look up any state laws and regulations as you are passing through in order to avoid any form of punishment.

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